Friday, 15 March 2013


Assalamualaikum semua.

Hopefully semua sihat walafiat. InshaAllah. :)

The tajuk.

Yes, it's true.

 And it's the truth i'm telling you right now.

Me, myself and I are no good.

No good to touch people's heart by my actions, my writings or even my words.

And I do admit that.

For being a muslim-born for about two decades, I think and I feel that me is lacking in everything to show what a true muslim should be and behave.

And sometimes, I really thought that nothing I could show to people around me how Islam taught me to live.

I've tried, and i felt that i'm totally failed in that. 

Fail to accomplish my small duty as a muslim and big duty as a caliph.


O Allah,

For all wrong doings, 

for all my sins,

for all my bad attitudes i showed and acted,

i repent to you.

I, the sinner seek for a repentance.

Forgive me ya Allah.

I'm begging you.


You are The Most Merciful.

You are The Most Forgiving.

I, for thousand times seek for Your forgiveness.

seek for Your loves.

Forgive me ya Allah.

Forgive me ya Allah.

Forgive me ya Allah.

For almost times of my life You gave to me,

I did not use them for Islam's good or even my own good.

O Allah,

I really hope.

And I believe in You.

As You are my creator, my Lord.


You'll show the light,

the path,

that is true and pure,

for me,

towards a better muslim and servant.

And deep in my heart,

I really hope,

that I'll give my best to Islam and others,

even though I'm lacking in everything,

every aspects of life.


as long as I have You, o Allah,

I can put all my trust to You,

all my faith to You,

and all my life to You.


You are The Most Loving and The Most Kind.

I do love You.

And I will love You, all by my heart.

From now and then.

From today, till forever.



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